Xeelee Sequence is a series of novels and short stories by Stephen Baxter. The novels span several billions of years, describing the future expansion of Mankind, its war with its nemesis (an alien race called the Xeelee), and the Xeelee's own war with dark matter entities called photino birds. Other important Xeelee Sequence species include the Qax and the Silver Ghosts. Several novels also deal with humans and posthumans living in extreme conditions, such as the heart of a neutron star (Flux) or a universe with considerably stronger gravity (Raft).

Baxter's Destiny's Children series is part of this series.

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  • Raft - 1991
  • Timelike Infinity - 1992
  • Flux - 1993
  • Ring - 1994
  • Reality Dust - 2000
  • Riding the Rock - 2002
  • Coalescent - 2003
  • Mayflower II - 2004
  • Exultant - 2005
  • Transcendent - 2005
  • Starfall - 2009
  • Gravity Dreams - 2011

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