What is a Stub?Edit

A stub is an extremely short article on a wiki which has only the most basic information. These articles are usually between one and two paragraphs in length, but could be expanded to be much larger.

If at all possible please research the subject that you wish to write about, and then create the article and thus avoid creating lots of stubs. However, stubs are not necessarily always a bad things as they can encourage new users to start editing and add their knowledge to the article.

What should I do with stub articles?Edit

If you do create or come across a stub article please add {{stub}} to the top or bottom of the article so that it can be added to the stub category for others to easily find and expand on.

When the stub tag is added the following message will appear on the page:

This article, Stub, is a stub and needs more content. You can assist the WikiSciFi by expanding this article as much as you can.

How do I fix a stub article?Edit

If you find a stub article that you feel you have some knowledge on please just start editing and expand the article.

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