As this is a Wiki, WikiSciFi should be free of all spelling errors. While we can always go to Edit at the top of the page to do this, the title of a page can not be changed.

The following are works of science fiction and names from them that have had different spellings. Before we create a page for them, they should be spelled correctly. If you can find out how to spell the words correctly, please write it on this page so that everyone will know.

Movies Edit

Barbarella Edit

  • The lake of evil underneath Sogo is either "The Magmous" or "The Matmos".

T.V. Shows Edit

Doctor Who Edit

  • This page has already been created: In the episode Doomsday, one of the Daleks is either called "Dalek Caan" or "Dalek Cann".

Mini Series Edit

Books Edit

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