Velal was an officer of the Romulan Guard during the 24th century, who held the ranks of subcommander and general.

In 2375, Senator Kimara Cretak arranged for Velal to represent her on Deep Space 9 while she attended meetings on Romulus. However, when she was imprisoned for treason Velal was promoted to generaland made permanent Romulan representative to Deep Space 9.

In a meeting with Ben Sisko, William Ross, and Martok he was dismayed to learn that his people's and Starfleet's ships were vulnerable to the Breen energy dissipator. This concerned him because it ment only the Klingons could defend the Alliance, telling Martok that his people were severely outnumbered. He was also concerned about the amount of assistance they would get from Damar's Rebellion.

In another meeting several weeks later about the Dominion withdrawal from their territory he said that they should keep them in this new perimeter or loose "thousands of ships". When Ross and Martok stated that they wished to attack he would relent.

Velal was played by actor Stephen Yoakam.

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