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Type: Living metal
Purpose: Ultimate defense for Gallifrey
Created by: Omega and Rassilon
Universe: Doctor Who

Validium is living metal created by Omega and Rassilon. It was to be the ultimate defense for Gallifrey back in the early times. Validium has one purpose: destruction. Validium is similar to the Nestene Consciousness, being that the Nestene is made of living plastic while validium is made of living metal.

According to the Doctor, no validium should have left Gallifrey, but some did. Some of the living metal landed on Earth and was found by the Lady Peinforte, who shaped it into a statue of herself holding a bow and arrow and called it Nemesis.

In order for Validium to become active, there must be a sufficient quantity of it. In the Nemesis' case, the statue alone wouldn't be enough. Whoever were to put the bow and arrow into the statue's hands would have the power of life and death over any planet in existence. Whenever validium is anywhere near another piece of validium, the two pieces will glow.(DW: Silver Nemesis)

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