Star Trek Edit

The United States of America is a former democratic nation-state on Earth which is still semi-independent but is governed by the United Earth government. It had 52 states after 2033. The United States had many agencies operating for defense and space along with many other things.


The Flag of the United States

Doctor Who Edit

The President of America, Arthur Coleman Winters, was chosen by the United Nations to meet with the Toclafane for First Contact on board the aircraft carrier Valiant. When Mister Saxon revealed his true intents for world domination, President Winters was assassinated by the Toclafane.

Judge Dredd Edit

The President of America, Robert L. Booth begins a nuclear War in 2070. This was the first war known as The Great Atom War in a String of Nuclear Wars in a period from 2070 to 2104 known as the Atomic Wars.

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