The USS Ganges (NCC-72454) was a Danube-class runabout serving in the 24th century and assigned to Deep Space 9 after being dropped off there in 2369 by the USS Enterprise-D.

The Ganges was outfitted with a special mission module when it aided in the arrest of the Bajoran terrorist Tahna Los.

It also picked up the stranded scientist Vash on a routine mission to the Gamma Quadrant and then suffered a mysterious power loss on the return trip to the station.

Odo used this runabout to take the fugitive Croden back to the Gamma Quadrant but instead of returning him to Rakhar he went to the Chamra Vortex, where Croden retrieved his daughter, Yareth, from stasis. As the Ganges was leaving the Vortex it was fired on by Ah-Kel in his Thetia-class Miradorn raider. It then beamed Croden and his daughter over to the Vulcan ship T’Vran.

In 2370, the Ganges was the last ship to evacuate from Deep Space Nine after the attempted coup on Bajor.

The Ganges was destroyed by a T’Lani cruiser later that year.

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