Type IV Civilizations are civilizations that have control over at least an entire universe, and theoretically are able to harness all the power available in that universe.

Examples of Type IV CivilizationsEdit

In these examples, the exact power consumption of their entire civilizations is often unknown. They are estimated to be type IV based on the scope of their influence and technology. IE, civilizations with FTL drives and control over entire galaxies, or with abilities to affect the universe on the planetary scale.

  • The Xeelee
  • Time Lords - The Time lords can create black holes (and use them as their spacecraft's power source), and have control over space and time, even being capable of sacrifice the entire universe only for ascension as bodyless entities.
  • The Space Empire Zangyack - It has been implied several times that Zangyack rules all but a small fraction, which includes Earth, of the entire universe.

The following examples are a different type of civilization from the ones previously mentioned. They are likely to no longer have physical bodies, having converted themselves to energy or other noncorporeal forms, allowing themselves to somehow influence entire galaxies.

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