Legate Turrel was a high-ranking official in the Cardassian Union during the 24th century.

In 2371, he was contacted by Bareil Antos to begin negotiations for a treaty between their two governments. When Bareil’s transport was damaged and he was injured, Winn Adami took over the negotiations and proposed they meet on Deep Space 9.

She proved to be a worse negotiator than Bareil, which Turrel took immediate advantage of. One of the points raised was the return of Bajoran prisoners, to which Turrel replied that there were no official Bajoran prisoners, just those held by the Cardassian Ministry of Justice for crimes against the state. Turrel also brought up war reparations if all Cardassian equipment left on Bajor was returned. This proposal had already been rejected by Bareil, because it had been dealt with in the armistice of 2367.

With the help of the near dead Bareil, Winn managed to negotiate the Bajoran-Cardassian Treaty with Turrel, sending political shockwaves throughout the Alpha Quadrant.

Turrel was played by actor Andrew Prine.

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