A Martian Tripod.

The Tripod Fighting Machine, also called a Fighting Machine but simply called a Tripod', is the greatest weapon used by the Martians. In every invasion of Earth, the Martains always come in strong numbers, piloting the massive Tripods.

Designs Edit

Having a three legged design the walker was modeled after the Martian bodies.

Weapons Edit


The martian tripods were armed with 2 heatrays and 2 baskets for storing people.also having 18 tentecales, a blood draining pipe and probe for searching buildings.

Other uses of the design Edit


The Protoss Colossus, vaporizing some Marines.

The Protoss also made use of a variation of this design during their wars with the Terrans and the Zerg. This was the Protoss Colossus. (Starcraft franchise: "Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty")

Martian Warship Edit

Gallery Edit

Main Article: Gallery of Tripods

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