David Tennant

The Doctor, a Time Lord.

Time Lords / Gallifreyans/ Chronarchs
Type: humanoid
Civilization Classification: Type VI - Influence on a multiversal scale, as well as Time Travel, Star Manipulation,physical law creation and Transdimensional Engineering


The Capitol, Arcadia, "Those who walk in the shadows"
Homeworld: Gallifrey
Universe: Doctor Who

The Time Lords and Time Ladies (also referred to as Lords of Time or Chronarchs) were the masters of time and space. They were an august society from the planet Gallifrey, being famous for building the TARDIS, space-time vessels which were, in words of the Doctor, "dimensionally transcendental" (they were bigger on the inside that in the outside). They participated in the Last Great Time War, fighting the empire of the Daleks and perishing with them, until the Doctor ( and all his incarnations) saved them freezing the entire planet and sending it into a parallel pocket universe. After that, they came back and put the planet at the end of time for their own protection.

The greatest known member of the Time Lords is the Doctor. Other members were...

Several Time Lords who became renegade were...