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The Valeyard
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Other names: Zimmerman
J.J. Chambers
Mr Popplewick
Jack the Ripper
Race: Time Lord
Homeworld: Gallifrey
Universe: Doctor Who
Actor: Michael Jayston
Geoffrey Hughes (Mr Popplewick)

The Valeyard is a character from the Doctor Who series who prosecuted the Sixth Doctor when he was put on trial by the Time Lords for "conduct unbecoming a Time Lord". He presented the happenings from The Mysterious Planet and Mindwarp as extracts from the Matrix. At the time of these presentations the Doctor barracked at Valeyard calling him "the Boneyard", "the Scrapyard", and "the Knacker's Yard". Only the interventions of the Inquisitor (who was acting as judge) kept the trial on track.

It was discovered later that the extracts were interfered with to show the doctor in the worst possible way. When the doctor began presenting his defense he suspects Valeyard has been tampering with evidence but can't prove it.

In The Ultimate Foe, the Master appeared inside the Matrix. Then it was revealed that the Valeyard was an evil distillation of the Doctor.

The Valeyard entered the Matrix and fought the Doctor. In the end it was thought that the Master and the Valeyard were trapped in the Matrix, but at the end of the show it was showed the Valeyard disguised as the Keeper of the Matrix.

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