The rani
The Rani
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Other names: Ushas
Race: (Time Lady)
Homeworld: Gallifrey
Universe: Doctor Who
Actor: Kate O'Mara
The Rani was a renegade Time Lady who was once a friend of both the Doctor and the Master in the Doctor Who franchise. However, when she became a renegade and broke away from Time Lord society, she became a rivial of the Master, who also turned renegade, and a great enemy of the Doctor.

The Rani was a neurochemist, specialising in biology and genetic engineering; she was exiled from Gallifrey for turning mice into monsters that attacked the President and ate his cat. She has experimented on humans, draining off their brain fluid that enables them to sleep so she can cure her subjects on Miasimia Goria, whom she'd also experimented on but lowered their ability to sleep, making them difficult to control.

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