The Niners were an amateur baseball team based on Deep Space 9, formed by captain Benjamin Sisko, in 2375, and made up of crewmembers and civilians of the station.

They were origanally assembled to meet a challenge from from captain Solok and his team The Logicians of the USS T'Kumbra. The team only had three experienced, Ben Sisko, his son Jake Sisko, and his girlfriend Kasidy Yates. Even without experience the team benefitted from the gymnastic ability of Ezri Dax, the genetically enhanced abilities of Julian Bashir, and the natural Klingon strength of Worf. Even with their experience and physical abilities the team still lost 10 to 1 with their only run coming from Nog who came in on an accidental squeeze bunt from Rom.

Defensive Alignment Edit

  • P: Jake Sisko (#78)
    • Pinch Hitter: Rom (#13)(9th inning)
  • C: Nog (#25)
  • 1B: Worf(#32)
  • 2B: Ben Sisko (#15) when ejected Julian Bashir (#22)
  • 3B: Kasidy Yates (#47)
  • SS: Kira Nerys (#9)
  • LF: Leeta(#55)
  • CF: Ezri Dax (#43)
  • RF: Julian Bashir (#22), Quark (#7) after

Bashir's move to second base

External Links Edit

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