In this episode the cybermen are all that remains of the five million cybermen that got pulled into the void with the daleks. Inside the void a war broke out between the cybermen and the daleks, the war was so great that virtually everything inside the void was wiped out. There was only this little army of cybermen left. After davros weekend the walls of reality with his reality bomb, the cybermen stole some dalek technology. They took a dimension bolt and a whole load of info stamps and information about the doctor from the daleks database. They arrived in Victorian London and were low on power so they had to use simple technology like info stamps to update themselves. Whilst in London they captured children (for a workforce) and cats and dogs, which the cybermen turned into cyber shades (creatures that resemble the cybermen, a sort of primitive conversion).The cybermen had brought with them a slightly battered cyber king (the front line of an invasion force). They repaired it using steam powered technology and used children to power the starter motor and provide power to the cyberking. A new type of cyberleader made its appearance during this episode. The cyberleader had more black pieces to it and it had a visible cybernetic / human brain. The cyberleader found Miss Hartigan who was put in charge of the cyberking. Unfortunately for the cyberleader Miss Hartigan's mind was too strong for the conversion and she kept some of her emotions. When the cyberleader tried to remove her from the position he was deleted and her mind was strong enough to take over the cybermen. These cybermen were finally destroyed when the doctor separated the cyber equipment from Miss Hartigan, she then realised what she had become and brought down the cyberking.