"You have brought disorder where order once reigned!"

The Mysterious Planet is episode 144a of Doctor Who. It is the first episode of Season 23 and forms Parts 1-4 of the season long story arc The Trial of a Time Lord.

Plot Edit

A massive space station floats in space when a blue light shoots out from it, and past the stars the Doctor's TARDIS is drawn into the station. The Doctor enters a court room and finds he has been pulled out of time and space to be put on trial, presided over by the Inquisitor with the Valeyard serving as prosecutor. By order of the High Council, it is a partial inquiry into the Doctor's behavior, accusing him of transgressing the First Law of Gallifrey, that he interfers with peoples and planets throughout time. The Valeyard, using the repository of all knowledge, the Matrix, begins to show examples of the Doctor's interference, beginning with the planet Ravolox.

The Doctor and Peri are walking through a quiet forest and the Doctor explains that he wanted to investigate the planet since it had exactly the same traits as Earth. Records state the planet was devastated in a fireball 500 years earlier. Two criminals, Sabalom Glitz and Dibber, observe them and think the Doctor is after what they are and the Doctor moves just before Glitz has a chance to shoot him. They discuss their plan to destroy the L3 robot's black light convertor, which is worshiped by primitives.

Cast Edit

Production Edit

Story Notes Edit

  • Sabalom Glitz, Dibber, Drathro, and the Sleepers are all from Andromeda.
  • There has never been a black light explosion, but some think it could destroy the universe.

Continuity Edit

Quotes Edit

  • The Doctor: I was on Ravolox trying to advert a catastrophy!
  • The Valeyard: The crime was in being there, Doctor!

Pictures Edit

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