Terror of the Autons is an episode of the Third Doctor in the British television series Doctor Who. The Autons return in this episode in another attempt to invade Earth. This episode also introduces Jo Grant as the Doctor's new companion, Captain Mike Yates of UNIT, and the renegade Time Lord, the Master.

Plot Edit

At a circus, a large man lights a cigar as he hears a strange sound(similar to that of the TARDIS). A second later, a horsebox appears. He goes to open the door but it' stuck. He goes around as a tall man in black steps out of the door and looks over the horsebox. He turns as the man calls to him and asks who he is. The tall man says he is referred to as The Master, universally. The large man says he is Rossini, internationally, and that he doesn't need conjurors. The Master says that he needs Rossini and as Rossini almost strikes him, he hipnotises him. In a museaum, The Master breaks into a glass case holding a purple sphere. As as attendant tries to stop him, Rossini knocks the man out.

Cast Edit

Production Edit

Setting Edit

Continuity Edit

Quotes Edit

  • The Master: The people I represent, Mr. Farrel, can never have too much plastic.

Pictures Edit

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