The Sycorax are a race of humanoids from the JX82 System and are the rulers of the Sycorax Empire.

History Edit

On Christmas Day, 2006, the Sycorax invaded Earth. They used blood control as a bluff to get what they wanted: half of the human race sold into slavery.

The Tenth Doctor, still regenerating from the Ninth Doctor, tried to convince the Sycorax to leave Earth, but their leader refused. He dueled the leader for the planet and won.

He ordered the Sycorax to leave Earth forever. As the ship begain to leave, Torchwood, using a powerul weapon, destroyed the ship. The Doctor, viewing this as murder, took down Prime Minister Harriet Jones with six words: "Don't you think she looks tired?"

Appearance Edit

The Sycorax have a red, skinless appearance to them. They have sharp teeth and their faces are outlined in thick, white skeletons.

They were loose, crimson robes, insect-like helmets, and carry staffs.

Technology Edit

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