Black Dalek Supreme

The Dalek Supreme at the invasion of Earth.

"I am your creator! You must obey me!"

"We obey only the Supreme Dalek."

- Davros arguing with Daleks.

The Supreme Dalek is the commander of the Daleks in the universe of Doctor Who. It is also known as the Black Dalek or the Dalek Controller. This Dalek is present when there is no apparent Dalek Emperor, as is the case with the Cyber-Leader commanding the Cybermen when there is no Cyber-Controller.

Description Edit

Gold dalek

The Supreme Dalek from Day of the Daleks.

Most Supreme Daleks are black, except for a gold Supreme Dalek which appeared in Day of the Daleks, a black Supreme with a gold dome from Planet of the Daleks, a red and gold Supreme Dalek from The Stolen Earth/Journey's End, and a white Supreme Dalek from Victory of the DaleksThe Pandorica Opens, and Asylum of the Daleks. a It is unknown if there are more than one Supreme Daleks, as the Dalek Council which appeared in Planet of the Daleks could have been made up of Supremes.

History Edit

It is suspected that the Dalek who killed Davros in Genesis of the Daleks became the first Dalek Supreme.

Dalek-Movellan War Edit


A gold Supreme Dalek.

Davros' life-support chair reconstructed him, and after years of searching, the Daleks recovered him in Destiny of the Daleks. They needed him to assist in the Dalek-Movellan War which had reached a stalemat. They told Davros he was to serve the Supreme Dalek, which he laughed at. The Fourth Doctor eventually destroyed the Daleks who had freed Davros and placed him in Suspended Animation.

Dalek Civil War Edit

Freeing him again, the Daleks brought Davros to the Supreme Dalek but he refused to obey any Dalek since he had created them. This outbreak spread across the Daleks and they split into two factions: the "renegade" Daleks, as called by Davros, who were loyal to the Supreme Dalek; and the Imperial Daleks who were loyal to Davros(who called himself the Emperor) and who's casings were changed from grey and black to white and gold. The factions begain was became the Dalek Civil War.

The Time War Edit

The war ended and the Dalek reutified under the Dalek Emperor. By this time, the Time War begain: a war between the Time Lords and the Daleks with the whole universe at stake. It was at this time that the Supreme Dalek Sec, the leader of the Cult of Skaro, captured the Genesis Ark from the Time Lords. Using a Void Ship, the Cult escaped into the Void in order to escape the effects of the war.

Daleks VS. Cybermen

Daleks vs. Cybermen in 2007.

In Army of Ghosts, they re-entered the Universe in 2007, only to encounter not only the Tenth Doctor but the Cybermen from Pete's World as well, who came through the Void after the Void Ship. War broke out between them which endangered the Human-race and came to be known as the Battle of Canary Wharf. After Micky Smith touched the Ark, it was unlocked. Sec elevated with the Ark into the sky and release millions of Daleks all over Earth.

The battle was cut short though. The Doctor found that all the Daleks and Cybermen were covered with Void Stuff, a result of traveling through the Void. Because the Void Ship had come through into the Universe, it created a whole in the dimension, and by reversing the opening, anything covered in Void stuff would be sucked into the Void. The Doctor succeeded in reversing the portal, and all over the world Cybermen and Daleks were flying through the sky as they were sucked into oblivion. The cult of Skaro escaped via an "emergency temperol shift", taking them to 1930's Manhattan where they attempt to breed a new species of Daleks.

Appearances Edit

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