Sting King

Sting King.

Sting King was a hornet monster used by Astronema to try and destroy the Power Rangers.

Abillities Edit

Sting King had the abilitty to fly through space and become invisible. In this state, he fired lasers that expanded to be larger than the United States. His right arm was a stinger which could fire lasers and release a swarm of bees.

Partnership with Waspicable Edit

In order to defeat the Rangers for Astronema, Sting King teamed up with Waspicable, who was kind-hearted bee monster. Sting King convinced Waspicable to be evil and destroy the rangers, placing his name in the history books.

Waspicable agreed but eventually broke it and became good again. When Cassie, the Pink Ranger, came under attack from Sting King, Waspicable took the lasers and saved her, destroying himself.

When he was destroyed, Sting King grew giant with the satellasers. He was destroyed again, however.

Creation by Destructipede Edit

When the Rangers faced Destructipede, the monster created other monsters and also brought back Sting King. Everytime Sting King was blasted, he vanished and reappeared agian, seemingly immortal.

When Destructipede was destroyed, though, Sting King vanished for good.

Under Zedd and Rita Edit

During the invasion of the Universe, Sting King was one of the monsters in Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa's army when they attacked a planet in the Vica Galaxy.

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