Starfleet Medical Academy is the medical school operated by Starfleet Medical in the Star Trek universe. It is the school where members of Starfleet officers wishing to become doctors and nurses must go.

Student Life Edit

While attending the academy Leonard McCoy played practical jokes on various other students by using fake drinking glasses that would dribble their contents onto the person who had it.

Julian Bashir developed a candy bar that had superior food value to that of Starfleet combat rations while here. He was also captain of the Academy’s Racquetball team. The team won the championship in Bashir’s senior year.

Curriculum Edit

In their first year students learn that tricorders are very accurate with living people but not so much with dead people.

One professor at the academy taught that the brain had “a spark of life” that couldn’t be replicated.

Final Exams Edit

The final exams include an oral test.

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