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Star Trek: Enterprise was the fifth live-action Star Trek television series set aboard the Enterprise NX-01 during the 22nd century. It was a prequel to the other series, taking place in the mid-22nd century (2151-2161). The NX-01 was the first starhip capable of warp five, it was lauched prematurely when a Klingon ship crash landed on Earth in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. The pilot, named Klaang was brought in to Starfleet Medical, where Captain Jonathan Archer convinced Starfleet Command to allow the Enterprise take him back to Kronos (Qo'noS). After the Enterprise returned Klaang to Kronos, Starfleet decided it was time for the Enterprise to officially begin the mission to explore space.

During the Enterprise's mission, the crew became involved in the Temporal Cold War, which a faction of the Suliban, called the Cabal would get their orders from the future. The Temporal Cold War eventually led the Enterprise into the Delphic Expanse after the Xindi attacked Earth; it was the leader of the Cabal, Silik, who gave Captain Archer the evidence that proved the Xindi was responsible for the attack. To stop the Xindi from completely destroying Earth, the Enterprise went into the expanse. Archer ended up making peace with the Xindi.

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