Spore is the title of the first game in the Spore series of games.


The player controls a life-form and guides it through evolution from single-celled life to complex animal life to the development of a civilization.


Cell StageEdit

The player controls a single celled organism in an endless body of water, and must pursue and consume other cells while avoiding larger ones. When the player's organism consumes enough, it grows larger. Finally, it evolves into a Creature.

Creature StageEdit

The player now controls a land animal and must help it evolve as it deals with other species it meets, either through diplomacy and friendship or hostility.

Tribal StageEdit

The player's animal has achieved sentience and now embodies a tribe. They must compete with tribes of other species on their planet, while learning to harvest simpler life.

Civilization StageEdit

The player must build and maintain cities for their species, while defending from attacks from other civilizations. By the end of this stage, the entire world will be united under one nation.

Space StageEdit

The player's civilization has developed space travel and must now explore and colonize the universe, while making friends & enemies among the stars.