Soval was the Vulcan ambassador to Earth. Before his being assigned to Earth he helped negotiate the last treaty between Vulcan and Andoria. Jonathan Archer blamed Soval for holding back the design of the warp five engine so that Archer's father couldn't see his design come to fruition. After the Enterprise NX-01 was blamed for the destruction of a colony Soval suggested that all Earth deep-space exploration stop. Soval was forced by the Andorian Shran to bring in Archer to help negotiate a peace treaty between the Andorians and Vulcans fighting on Paan Mokar. Archer did negotiate the treaty but first they were shot down by renegade Andorians and had to fight his way out of the situation. Soval also was critical of the decision to send Archer into the Delphic Expanse, and would later criticise some of Archer's actions when he was on a board investigating the trip to the Delphic Expanse. Admiral Maxwell Forrest saved Soval's life when a bomb was detonated in the Earth embassy on Vulcan. Soval was suspicious when the Vulcan High Command said the Syranites were involved and encouraged Archer to run his own investigation. Later he revealed himself to be a mind-melder which was considered deviant on Vulcan and was stripped of his rank as ambassador. He learned of a plot by the High Command to invade Andoria and aided them in stopping it. When T'Pau rose to Administrator Soval was reinstated as ambassador to Earth. He was one of the Vulcan representatives sent to a conference to consider the formation of a Coalition of Planets. He was also the first one to give a standing ovation after Nathan Samuel's speech about the possible coalition.

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