The Time Warrior 1973-74

Linx, the very first Sontaran encountered in the classic series.

Sontaran is the name of a cloned race of war obsessive, stocky troll like humanoids, native to the planet Sontar. They are villains of the Doctor Who series, ranging from the classic to the new series. The Sontarans are known for fighting a constant war with the Rutans. Sontarans will fight, invade and conquer any planet and race that will give them a strategic war advantage.  The Doctor has met Sontarans many times, even before their first real appearance onscreen.


10th Sontaran battle fleet

Sontarans in their 21st century blue/grey armour. Officers are designated by diamonds on the collar.

The Sontarans are clone species, with their physical forms looking like stocky humanoids with a large domed head, often described as "potato head". The average Sontaran wears a gunmetal grey and black or indigo space suit, with a large armoured ring around the "neck".  They have two fingers and a thumb on each hand, though some breeds have four. Hair is not grown on the top of the head like earthlings, yet some Sontarans have been seen with bristles on the eyebrows and even beards. The trademark weak point is the "probic vent" located at the back of the neck, which is sensitive to attack, even by a slight tap. 

The Sontaran race reproduce at a rate of a million new cadets, every four minutes in great "Muster parades". This allows them to sustain casualties and overwhelm opponents.

Technology and WarfareEdit

Sontaran Flagship2

A Sontaran Flagship, this model was sighted during the 21st century at the ATMOS infected invasion and again in the time erased Doctor's capture at the Pandorica.

The Sontaran Empire emerge from Sontar in massive battle fleets, consiting of massive, spiny motherships and trademark golf ball shaped pod spacecraft.

Every Sontaran is armed with a universal translator, comm links and weaponry. Examples of weaponry include "wand" shaped guns, heavy duty blaster rifles or pistols, while superior Sontarans carry batons. The wand like guns and batons can stun, kill or hypnotise.

History with the DoctorEdit

  • The first Sontaran encountered in the prgram was Commander Linx of the 5th Sontaran army space fleet. Crashing to Earth in medieval England after an attack from Rutans, his plans to return to his fleet and historical contaminations were foiled by the 3rd Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith. The Doctor claimed to have met Sontarans before he did this one.
  • The second Sontaran seen was Field Major Styre of the Sontaran G3 military asessment survey. His vile human lifestyle experiments for a new Earth Invasion was ruined by the 4th Doctor, Sarah and Harry Sullivan.
  • Commander Stor led a temporary alliance with the telepathic Vardans, in an invasion of Gallifrey, which was successful until the 4th Doctor constructed the fobidden De-Mat gun and destroyed them.
  • Group Marshal Stike and Major Varl allied themselves with Dastari in the gruesome dicection of the 2nd Doctor, hoping to unlock the Time Lord's secret to time travel. However, the 6th Doctor arrived to rescue his former self, while distrust and hostility led to the Sontaran's dooms.
  • General Staal led the 10th Sontaran battle fleet to convert the Earth into a new Sontar by filling it with Clone Feed gas, but this plan was destroyed when their flagship was caught in the blast of the countering device created by their betrayed human ally and the 10th Doctor.
  • Commander Stark entered an alliance with the enemies of the Doctor, including Daleks and Cybermen, to forever trap the 11th Doctor inside the legendary Pandorica. But these events became undone with the closure of the time-field.
  • Commander Strax became an ally of the 11th Doctor during a series of events, eventually meeting his death in the rescue of Amy and Melody Ponds.