Sogo, City of Night, was the underground city (probably in the center of Lythion) ruled by The Great Tyrant. Sogo is dedicated to evil in every form. People can be found dead in public areas and public killings are encouraged by a crowd that cheers on. Giant Pentiums swing in the city, some of them with naked women attached. There are also public places to smoke and have sex.

The actual city is built slanted on curved supports. Three blocks between the supports are sections of the city while the top is where Durand Durand kept The Positronic Ray. Besides being built on supports, the city is built over a lake of a magma-like substance called the Magmous, which gave the citizens of Sogo what they needed to live.

Sogo was destroyed when the Black Queen released the Magmous and it devoured the city.

Locations in Sogo Edit

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