Other names: D5-Gamma-Zed-Alpha
Type: terrestial planet
Location: unknown
Universe: Doctor Who
Skaro was the homeworld of the Daleks in the TV series Doctor Who. It was first the homeworld to the Kaleds and the Thals, but the Thals destroyed the Kaleds, and were later destroyed themselves by the Daleks. Skaro was the capital of the Dalek Empire. The underground Dalek City was the main center and residence of the Dalek Emperor. The Movellan name for this world is D5-Gamma-Z-Alpha. Skaro is, in fact, the very first alien world ever witnessed in the Doctor Who series' history.


The Thousand Year WarEdit

During the thousand year war on Skaro, the Kaled and Thal races drove each other to using chemical and attrition warfare, leading each other to enter stages of genetic mutations, a side effect through the use of radioactive weaponry. 

Davros created the Dalek travel machines to ensure the survival of his people and achieve higher goals in universal domination, by becoming the sole lifeforms in existence. However, the Daleks rid themselves of their creator, leaving him for dead with the rest of the planet as their empire expanded to outer planets.

Rise of the Dalek EmpireEdit

The Daleks remained alive inside their city, bent as ever to destroy their age old enemies. But their giger-counters indicated that radiation levels were falling: Dependant on radiation for their own survival, the Daleks planned to release another neutronic bomb to raise the radiation for themselves and to end the Thal race, killing two birds with one stone. This plan failed, due to an attack from a Thal group, led by the first living Doctor and his companions.

After years of wars with mankind, the Dalek Emperor devised a strategy to discover why his race could never win their conflicts with humans. The second incarnation of the Doctor was taken into captivity, for solving the means of discovering what strength the Daleks had against man. He imprinted the human factor into three "humanised" Daleks, igniting a Dalek civil war on Skaro.

New Dalek Civil WarEdit

The Daleks returned to their homeworld, centuries later, to bring Davros out of suspended animation so that he could give them an advantage in their stalemate war with the robotic Movellans. Davros was eventually taken into human captivity for his crimes against creation. 

The Daleks, desperate for a cure to a Movellan made virus, sought out Davros yet again for salvation. But as Davros turned this rescue as a means to start again, another Dalek civil war was started, dividing Daleks into Imperials loyal to him, while the Renegade Daleks remained loyal to their own Emperor and his supreme council.

Davros escaped from the virus epidemic, setting himself up on the funeral parlour planet, Necros as the "Great Healer". After stealing these dead humans to create a new Imperial Dalek army, the Skarosian Daleks captured Davros to take him back home to Skaro, to stand trial for his crimes against the Daleks. Davros fled this trial and managed to become the Imperial Dalek Emperor.

In 1963, Skaro was the sight of a new plan by Davros to expand its sun into a source of great power, through the use of the Hand of Omega.  The Doctor in his seventh body tricked Davros into using a reprogramed Hand of Omega, causing Skaros sun to supernova, leading to Skaro's destruction by the devastation.

The Time WarEdit

Skaro was left a barren wreck after the events of the Renegade/Imperial Dalek Civil war. The Renegade Time Lord known as The Master was executed on Skaro at some point by the Daleks, leaving his remains to be take back by the Doctor to their homeworld Gallifrey.

Skaro's destruction was reflected upon by a specialist force called the Cult of Skaro.

The Doctor was lured to Skaro by the Daleks and captured by a Dalek Puppet.



The Dalek City on Skaro's red surface.

Skaro, after the thousand year war, became a desolate radioactive wasteland. In the Petrifed Jungles, the soil was nothing but ashes, the trees turned stone hard and the atmosphere was chocked full of radiation. The vast, metal Dalek City managed to remain unscratched by the terrible neutonic bombs.

Any creatures on the surface became stone, while swamp creatures within the lakes mutated into the stuff of nightmares.

By the time the Daleks returned to the planet during the Movellan war, Skaro began to show grassy plains, indicating that the planet began to terraform.

Skaro appears as a mahogany planet from space.