The Silentium are a race of droids that were created by the original Silentium race before they were wiped out. They are thought to have originated in another galaxy.

Culture Edit

After the Silentium died, their droids lived on. Using the manufacturing plants of their creators, the Silentium made "children".

Having created an orderly kingdom of the Silentium, they based their culture on the prime numbers of five, seven, and eleven. Several Silentium created bodies that were not starfruit-shaped. The wisest Silentium built large, spherical bodies, being that the circle was considered the holiest of shapes in their culture.

Appearance Edit

Built in the image of their creators, the Silentium were first starfruit-shaped droids. Different shapes have appeared in the Silentium over time, including...

  • spherical bodies measuring 50 kilometers in diameter.
  • pentagrams
  • heptagons

Wars Edit

During their time as a kingdom, the Silentium were challenged by the Abominor, another droid society. As the two races fought a war, neither of them seemed to care that this conflict was killing the dominant organic species in the galaxy at the time.

Being destroyed in the crossfire of the war, the organic species finally fought back and forced both droid powers to flee. While it is unknown what happened to the Abominor, the Silentium settled in the Unknown Regions. When this happened, their culture was reduced to one of excessive conservatism.

Members Edit

Known agents of the Silentium include...

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