Sarah Palmer

Sarah Palmer
Universe Halo
Homeworld Earth
Born c.2520 
Height 2.05 meters

Commander Sarah Palmer is a senior officer for the Spartan IV Program in the post-Human-Covenant War years. She has been present at the both the First Battle of Requiem and the Second Battle of Requiem working along with the crew of the UNSC ''Infinity''.


Early Life and CareerEdit

Born to parents that supported the Insurrection, Sarah decided not to support her parents views and joined the UNSC Marines. As an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper she served twelve tours of duty on eight different planets. The Office of Naval Intelligence saw her career and leadership abilities and then recruited her into the Spartan IV Program.

Draetheus VEdit

After the defeat of the Covenant in 2552 but before 2557, Palmer was deployed to take out a group of Covenant Remnant. Palmer and Spartan Davis along with the Infinity battled on the planet of Draetheus V and its moon; X50.

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