Gul Rusot in 2375

Gul Rusot was a Cardassian military officer and old friend of Legate Damar. He served on Terok Nor when it fell under Cardassian-Dominion control. He then became frustrated with the Dominion control occupation of Cardassia Prime, and helped Damar plan the attack on Rondac III, where the Dominion’s primary cloning facility was located.

As the Cardassian Rebellion began to gather strength, Rusot served as Damar’s second-in-command, even though he detested Starfleet’s help being needed, especially the presence of the Bajoran Kira Nerys as an advisor. He challenged Kira’s every suggestion, especially when she suggested that the rebellion should attack Cardassian installations that hadn’t yet joined the rebellion.

Rusot was also part of a small team, led by Damar, that launched an attack on the Kelvas repair facility. Their objective was to take a Jem’Hadar fighter, that was equipped with a Breen energy dissipator. When the plan began falling apart, Rusot pulled a weapon on Kira, and proposed that he and Damar take the weapon and use it to rebuild the Cardassian Empire of old. Instead of joining Rusot, Damar killed him, saying regretfully “He was my friend. But his Cardassia is dead, and it won’t be coming back.”

Rusot was played by actor John Vickery.

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