The Royal House.

The Royal House of Gadgetry, made of a mechanical family and their servants, was the ruling body of the Machine Empire. The House consisted of...

The Royal House was nearly successful in leading the Empire to complete domination of the universe after it broke away from the United Alliance of Evil. At one point, however, King Mondo was destroyed and the Empire came under the control of Louie Kaboom. He was defeated, and the rest of the House was destroyed by a bomb disguised as a gift by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa.

At an unknown point, the Royal House of Gadgetry was rebuilt and rejoined the Alliance to take part in Dark Specter's invasion of the universe. The Royal House personally lead the attack on the Phantom Ranger's home planet while the Machine Empire's forces attacked Aquitar and KO-35. When Zordon's energy wave spread across the universe, while certain evils like Zedd, Rita, and Divatox were purified and turned good, the entire Royal House of Gadgetry was turned to sand. (PRIS: Countdown to Destruction)

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