The River Thames, more commonly the Thames, was a river that flowed through southern England, passing London and eventually flowing into the ocean. Before Earth was destroyed, the Thames was well known to be a big part in Earth's involvement with other alien societies.

Invasions Edit

The Thames was a part of many invasions of Earth.

War with Mars Edit


Martian Tripods move along the Thames.

When the Martians first invaded Earth in the late 19th Century, they landed in London. They attacked and destroyed everything in their path using the Heat Rays of their Tripod Fighting Machines. The Fighting Machines were see to move along the Thames to get to London.

World War Three Edit

Aliens of london

A starship crashes into the River Thames.

In 2006, World War Three was almost started by the Slitheen Family when they tried to pit the countries of Earth against each other, hoping they would turn the planet into molten slag and the Slitheen would be able to sell the planet to the highest bidder. This whole conflict started when the Slitheen directed a spaceship to crash into the Thames, causing confusion and rumors.

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