Revelation of the Daleks was an episode of the Sixth Doctor of the TV series Doctor Who. It is a two-part episode and features the return of Eleanor Bron, who first appeared in the episode City of Death.

Plot Edit

The Tardis materializes on a cold planet. Peri comes out and walks down to a pond and throws her lunch in. The Doctor comes out and follows her. Peri complains about them being here and the Doctor tells her they're here to see his recently deceased friend, Arthur Stengos. As they talk, something moves in the water and grabs Peri's lunch. An explosion occurs in the water and they decide to move on, Peri not wanting to know what happened. As they turn, something comes out of the water and follows them.

In the funeral home Tranquil Repose, Jobel, Takis, Lilt, and Tasambeker get ready for the service of President Vogos' wife's death. When Jobel leaves, Takis and Lilt laugh at Tasambeker, saying that Jobel isn't interested in her. She leaves and the two add more flowers to the room. Behind them, two body snatchers enter the room, both armed.

Walking through the snow, Peri and the Doctor hear a noise. From behind a tree, a mutant appears, moving close to them. The Doctor uses a pendant to try and hypnotise the mutant but he attacks the Doctor. On the ground, the Doctor tries to fight back as Peri hits the mutant with a branch. The mutant falls unconcsious.

In a room of Tranquil Repose, The D.J. watches the fight. Speaking in a '50s style voice, wearing a leather jacket, he talks to the bodies in suspended animation, saying there's a maiden in distress. He reminds them that their in suspended animation and not to have a problem like last time.

Watching the D.J. from a room in the catacombs underneath the funeral home, the head of Davros orders a dalek entering the room to shut the fool off. The Dalek does so, switching to a picture of the Doctor, Peri, and the mutant. Davros turns, smiling, claiming that his lure has worked. The Daleks offers to send others to detain him, but Davros refuses. He wants the pleasure of watching the Doctor's own curiosity deliver him into Davros' hands.

Cast Edit

Production Edit

Setting Edit

Continuity Edit

Quotes Edit

  • Jobel: I am Jobel. The place wouldn't function without me.

  • Davros: You are fools! You can not kill me! I am Davros!

  • Kara: Destroy Davros, and your name could become a legend for all time!

  • Davros: Serve me with your total being, and I shall allow you to become a Dalek.
  • Tasambeker: That is an offer...I can not refuse.

  • Natasha: They've stolen my father's body and they're turning him into a Dalek.

  • The Doctor: So Davros has finally done it. Daleks that can reproduce anywhere.

  • Davros: I am your master! You must obey me!
  • Dalek: We serve only the Supreme Dalek.
  • Davros: That upstart! I can make you all Supreme Daleks! I have the power! OBEY ME!

Pictures Edit

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