"Q-Less" was the 6th episode produced and released in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the 252nd of all Star Trek episodes.

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Teaser Edit

The episode begins with the return of a runabout to Deep Space 9. The runabout, under the command of Jadzia Dax, had, had a serious power failure, which meant the doors couldn’t be opened. Once the doors are opened they discover that along with the crew is a third person, Vash, Miles O’Brien immediately recognized her from the USS Enterprise-D. Dax said that Vash had been in the Gamma Quadrant for more than two years. When asked how she got there she said that an old friend had taken her there. The right before the screen goes to credits Q appears.

First Act Edit

The first act starts with doctor Julian Bashir giving Vash a chechup and flirting with her. Then it cuts to Dax reporting to Benjamin Sisko that Vash had no idea about the Bajoran Wormhole and wondering how she had gotten to the Gamma Quadrant in the first place. Then has Vash storing various items in the assay office on the station. After that Sisko talks to her about telling the Daystrom Institute about her trip through the Gamma Quadrant. Then Sisko talks to O’Brien about what had gone wrong with the runabout and how he had known Vash. Power on the station then fails for several seconds and Sisko reports to operations nd they discover that exactly the same thing as had happened on the runabout before its power failure had happened on the station.

Second Act Edit

This act begins with O’Brien escorting Vash to her quarters. Then as she begins to unpack Q appears wanting to begin exploring the galaxy with her again but she tells him to go away. Quark then appears with a business proposition for Vash, the selling of the items she had gathered in the Gamma Quadrant. She then haggles his percentage down to 22. Q then reappears and makes fun of her for dealing with such a “perfectly vile” creature. Bashir then appears at her quarters with Q making fun of him and human mating rituals. Q then meets up with Bashir as he is waiting for Vash for their dinner plans, and forces him to become tired. O’Brien then sees Q and reports it to Sisko. The power then goes out once again but nothing is actually wrong with the station’s systems. Quark and Vash are then seen discussing prices for the auction when Sisko appears to ask Vash about Q when Q appears and proceeds to immediately make fun of Sisko’s posting to Deep Space Nine.

Third Act Edit

Sisko then tells Q that he wants him off the station and blames him for the power outages when Q tells him that he is nothing like Jean-Luc Picard. Q then puts them in a boxing ring and Sisko punches Q and Q says the “Picard never hit me”. Next the buyers for the auction are seen entering the station with Odo watching them. Another power outage takes place and atmosphere is lost when a small breech opens. Quark and Odo then have a discussion about the auction and the pointlessness of accumulating material wealth.

Fourth Act Edit

The station continues to have power outages. Q then appears and makes fun of Sisko for his not having figured out what the problem was and warning the crew that Vash was more dangerous to them than himself. Quark and Vash are then seen talking about the people they’re selling to and a permanent partnership. As the problems continue station begins moving towards the wormhole.

Fifth Act Edit

Quark is seen beginning the auction with a small statue. The crew is then able to determine that the problem is coming from the promenade and they investigate with tricorders. Quark then begins selling a ceremonial dagger and Q warns the buyers that the station is currently hurtling towards the wormhole and Q and Vash discuss it. Quark then proceeds to the final item, which starts to go for a large sum of latinum. As the crew moves to the promenade with their tricorders and discovers that Quark’s final item is what was causing the problems. It is then beamed outside the station and it hatches into a space borne lifeform. Quark is then seen trying to get Vash to partner up with him and Q appears and tells her that she would be happy doing that. Then she agrees to partner up with Quark and Bashir appears.

Memorable Quotes Edit

It's got to be Q, another one of his stupid jokes. I'm not laughing.

Miles O'Brien and Benjamin Sisko

You hit me... Picard never hit me. I'm not Picard. Indeed not. You're much easier to provoke. How fortunate for me.

Q and Benjamin Sisko

Enterprise? Oh yes, weren't you one of the little people?

Q to Miles O'Brien, on their last meeting

An abysmal place, Earth. Oh, don't get me wrong. A thousand years ago it had character: the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, Watergate. Now it's just mind-numbingly dull.


These mating rituals you Humans indulge in are really quite disgusting.


It's over Q! I want you out of my life! You're arrogant, you're overbearing, and you think you know everything! But... I do know everything. That makes it even worse.

Vash and Q

But it's not going to be the same without you. When I look at a gas nebula, all I see is a cloud of dust, but seeing the universe through your eyes I was able to experience... wonder. I'm going to miss that.

Q, to Vash

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