Q is an omnipotent being who met the crew of the USS Enterprise-D on its first voyage to Farpoint Station. He held the crew of the Enterprise on trial for the crimes of humanity. The Captain of the Enterprise, Jean-Luc Picard asked Q to hold up the crew of the Enterprise as an example of humanity. Once they had discovered the problem and helped fix it Q disappeared. His next appearance was when he created an odd game to show off William Riker's new Q-like powers. When Q next showed up he tried to join Picard's crew and when he was denied he threw the Enterprise into the path of a Borg cube. This meeting also showed the dislike Guinan and Q have for each other. Later Q was stripped of his omnipotence by the rest of the Q and sent to the Enterprise. When the Enterprise was attacked by Q's old enemies he eventually left the ship and was ready to sacrifice himself when another Q (also known as Q2) who had been watching him, reinstated his powers. His next appearance saw him recreating the ancient legend of Robin Hood and taking on the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham. After this he left with Vash, who had been on the ship at the time, to go explore the galaxy. He returned again to instruct a girl who was thought to be a human but was actually a Q. In 2369 Vash left Q because she thought he was arrogant and obnoxious. Vash then visited Deep Space 9 after she was discovered in the Gamma Quadrant where Q had left her. While on DS9 going after Vash, Q got punched in the nose by station commander Benjamin Sisko after he put them both in a boxing ring with gloves on. After Sisko punched him Q said "Picard never hit me" and Sisko responded by saying "I'm not Picard". Later that year Q visited Picard when he was near death and claimed to be God and allowed Picard to change the things in his past that had given him the heart replacement. After Picard saw what would happen if he changed the past he begged Q to change it back to the way it had been, which Q did. Later Q returned to continue the trial against humanity and said that the trial never ends.

He also appeared to the crew of the USS Voyager while it was in the Delta Quadrant. He was first sent there to take care of a renegade Q(also known as Quinn) that the Voyager crew had accidently released. After Quinn committed suicide a massive Q Civil War began and Q asked the captain of the Voyager, Kathryn Janeway, would mate with him because he thought that if they had a child he could unite the Q Continuum, but she convinced him to mate with another Q, with whom he had a son, Q Junior. Junior was a trouble causer so Q brought him to Janeway to get her to help him. After Junior had been helped by Janeway and was back in the Continuum Q gave her information that helped take three years off Voyager's journey.

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