Petty Officer is an enlisted naval rank used in Starfleet, with three different grades. It is senior to crewman and subordinate to chief petty officer. This rank is equal to a corporal in the infantry. Petty Officer 2nd class is equivalent to Sergeant and 1st Class is equal to Staff Sergeant.

This is the lowest rank to be considered a non-commissioned officer. People in this grade are generally referred to by their job title, so a petty officer is usually referred to as yeoman or specialist.

The class (such as Petty officer 2nd class) can be added to the end of a job descriptor such as yeoman 3rd class or specialist 1st class.

Enlisted ranks Commissioned ranks Flag ranks

Starfleet Crew PO CPO Ens Lt, jg Lt LtCdr Cdr Capt




RAdm VAdm Adm


Earth SF Lt Cdr

USN Crew PO CPO Ens LT, jg LT LCmdr Cdr Cpt Radml/CD Radm Vadm Adm

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