Pete's World is a parallel universe in the TV series Doctor Who that initially appears in the two-part episode "Rise of the Cybermen" and "The Age of Steel". The universe co-exists with our own and was named by the Doctor after Rose Tyler's father, Pete, who is still alive in this world.

In this universe...

Sealing Off The Worlds Edit

When the Doctor and Rose left Pete's World, the Doctor sealed off the breach so that they may never return. Micky stayed behind to dismantle anymore conversion factories, and to take the place of Ricky, who was killed by the Cybermen.

The Dalek and Cyberman Invasion Edit

The breach was opened when a void ship entered our world. Following its path, the Cybermen from Pete's World crossed over the Void and entered our world. At that time, the Void Ship opened and the Cult of Skaro emerged. The cybermen proposed an alliance but the Daleks refused. They engaged in battle with the Human race in the middle.

The Doctor, using the breach, reversed the opening and sucked the daleks and cybermen into the void.

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