An interactive online text-based role-playing game that's been online and evolving in real-time since 1998.

Set in a distant future with space operatic elements such as numerous alien races, laser guns, and faster-than-light travel, the focus on OtherSpace is on the development of characters and the trials and tribulations they experience over time.

In effect, it's like making characters for your favorite TV show and living their adventures online.

Join the saga, get recognized for your storytelling prowess, and earn badges for your character pages in the OtherVerse Wiki!

Requires filling out a brief in-game questionnaire, submitting a character application, and waiting for character review. (Submission doesn't guarantee acceptance.) The game is free to play.

The classic OtherSpace MUSH was renamed in June of 2008 to 'OtherSpace: The Farthest Star' as its new sister game 'OtherSpace:Millennium' opened.

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