Ornithopters, commonly 'thopters, are the basic means of travel on a planet.

A 'thopter is any aircraft capable of sustained wing-beat flight in the manner of birds. It resembles a bird or an insect and flys by either wing-beat or by jet-propulsion.

They are most often used by the wealthy of the Known Universe. However, they can be formated with lasguns and shields for use in battle.

Looks Edit

Atreides 'thopter Edit


The 'thopters used by the House Atreides.

Harkonnen 'thopter Edit


The 'thopters used by House Harkonnen.

  • The 'thopters used by House Harkonnen to attack the Atreides resembled bubble bees.

See also.. Edit

Although 'thopters are used commonly in the world of Dune, other 'thopters include...

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