Odyssey 5 was a Canadian television series that was on television in 2002. It was created by Manny Coto who served as writer and executive producer for all 20 episodes. Coto has stated an interest in either continuing the series or giving it a conclusion.

Plot Edit

The space shuttle Odyssey is orbiting the planet Earth with a crew of three astronauts, a scientist, and a reporter. In front of their eyes the Earth explodes in a fiery ball. The crew pf the Odyssey resigns itself to death when they are rescued by a mysterious inorganic being known as The Seeker. He informs them that fifty other worlds had been destroyed in the same way as Earth, and that he has always been too late to save survivors or observe the destruction. He then offers the crew a chance to go back in time and stop Earth’s destruction. When they agree he sends them back 5 years to 2002.

Unfortunately the series was canceled and the series wasn’t given an ending.

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