The martians

A Mor-Taxan.

The Mor-Taxans are a race of aliens from the planet Mor-Tax who invaded Earth in 1953 and were mistaken for Martians.

Biology Edit

The Mor-Taxans are short aliens. They have pink-colored skin with deep purple viens that show. They have long, three-fingered arms and each finger has a suction cup. Mor-Taxans also have a third arm that reaches out from their chest, commonly not shown and only used to kill humans.

The entire Mor-Taxan race cannot survive on Earth for long before the planet's bacteria cause the aliens to go into a hibernation, but doesn't kill them.

Abilities Edit

Mor-Taxans have the ability to posess the bodies of human beings, killing the human and fitting into their body. However, their disguise as a human can only last for 24 hours before they must kill another human to assume a new body.

Technology Edit

Ships Edit

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