Metal spiders2

Spiders in the air ducts of Platform One.

A Metal Spider, commonly called a Spider, is a small robot used for sabotage. They aren't that dangerous by themselves, but can overtake a person in large numbers.

A Spider's body is made of two silver saucers: four legs and a head. The legs are long and can recoil when the Spider is being held in hand. At the end of each leg is a small cutter, allowing the Spider to open vents and airducts. The head has a single red eye that can emit a beam of light to scan objects.

When they have located a target, the Spider will self-destruct.

Noteable Uses Edit

  • In 5,000,000,023, Lady Cassandra used them again, but for spying. She had Spiders spread throughout the hospital run by the Sisters of Plenitude, trying to find out the Sisterhood's secret.

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