The Martian Warships rise and attack.

The Martian Warship is a spaceship used by the Mor-Taxans and was mistaken to be used by the Martians. The Warship formed the spearhead of the alien assault on Earth in 1953.

Structure Edit


The warship on the move.

The Martian Warships look like large, silver boomerangs. The front window of the ship is made of green glass and can't be looked into from the outside. The top of the ship has a long swan-like neck that is a Heat Ray.

The ships look like they float but they really walk on three electrical legs that support them. The legs are barely visible however, which gives the appearance that the ships are floating.(Because the Warships do have legs, they could be considered as a Tripod Fighting Machine.

Each warship of the Mor-Taxans also has a probe that serves as the eye of the great war machine.

Weapons and Defense Edit

Attacking Warship

A Warship attacks!

The Warship is equipped with a heat ray on a swan-like neck that can fire in any direction.

The ship is also adorned with two green Death Rays that disintegrate anyone or anything in their paths.

Warship shield

The warships are completely protected.

Martian Warships are also protected from any artillery what-so-ever. They have large shields that are electrically positive and protect the warship from anything. Martian Warships can't even be destroyed by an atomic bomb.


these warships have 2 weaknesses

One is the bacteria

the second is the heat ray a laser could slice it with no problem

A-bomb attack

The Martian Warship after a nuclear strike.

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