A Martian.

Martians are the natives of the planet Mars. They are generally a war-like race, noted for their many attempts to conqure Earth. They are similar to the octopus, an animal of Earth.

There is also a race of humanoids living on Mars. It is unknown if they are related to humans or not, but their physical appearance seems to be identical. It is also not known what their relationship is with the Martian race.

Biology Edit

The Martian's race was dying because they were caught in the war between the xhadows/cyclomatrions/Bolgarions-Unarians. They were trying to find a new planet, but ended up fighting earth. They lost.

They soon had to join forces with earth because their colonies were bieng threatened by the aliens of sector 3(as the martians called them.) But their colony was soon destroyed by the other aliens

It is unknown what happened to the martians after that, but a martian colony in 2006 that their leader decleared that they were the last Martians, is blown up by an earth boy.

War With Earth Edit


Tripods march across Earth.

Technology Edit

The Martians posess advanced technology, compared to Earthlings. They are known to create great machines of war: their Tripods. Examples of their technolgoy includes...

War Machines Edit

Weapons Edit

Relationship with Mor-Taxans Edit

In 1953, the Mor-Taxan race invaded Earth with their Martian Warships. Because they were spotted to come from Mars, many mistook them to be Martians. It is suspected that the Mor-Taxans set up a base on Mars, from where they invaded Earth.

How the Martians reacted to this invasion of their planet or if they allowed it is unknown.

Appearances of Martians Edit

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