Other names: Sol IV

The Red Planet

Type: Rocky
Location: Sol System
Affiliation: Human

United Federation of Planets
United Nations Space Command

Universe: Multiple
Mars (Sol IV) is the fourth planet from its star Sol. It is the second smallest planet in its planetary system, and appears red because of large quantities of iron oxide in its soil. In multiple science fiction universes it's the first planet that humans visit other than Earth.

Science Fiction AppearancesEdit

Mars appears commonly throughout many sci-fi universes.


Sometime in the early 21st century humans visit Mars and find the Traveler. This starts the Golden Age where humanity colonizes much of the Sol system. During this period the city of Freehold was founded. After the Golden Age ended via the Collapse, Mars was taken over by the Cabal.

The MartianEdit

In the 2011 novel The Martian, the American space program NASA has sent two missions to Mars, named Aries I and Aries II. The events of the novel show Aries III astronaut Mark Watney as he is stranded on Mars for nearly two Earth years.

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