Lieutenant Marla Aster was a Starfleet officer specializing in archaeology and assigned to the USS Enterprise-D in 2366. She also had a son named Jeremy.

She was married but in 2361 her husband died of a Rushton infection. At that time the entire Aster family still lived on Earth.

In 2366 while on an away mission to investigate the Koinonian homeworld, she was killed by a bomb leftover from a war in which the Koinonians had destroyed themselves. Worf, who had been leading the away team, felt personnally responsible, despite Captain Picard’s assurances that it wasn’t.

When the Koinonians felt young Jeremy’s pain at the loss of his mother, they created a replica of her to raise him. Counselor Deanna Troi felt this was bad for Jeremy’s recovery and eventually she got him to ask the replica to leave which it did.

In 2368, Commander Riker used her death as a way to demonstrate how he felt about the Klingon ritual suicide when Worf considered it after he had been paralyzed.

She was played by actress Susan Powell.

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