The Mark III Travel Machine is the machine that a Kaled mutant lives inside of from birth to death. Most known as a Dalek Casing, the Travel Machine was developed by Davros so that his genetic experiments could have a machine in which they would be able to live and become the supreme beings of his vision.

First Developed Edit

The Travel Machine is equipped with a telescoping right arm with a suction cup on the end. The left arm is a gun that can be manually installed in the casing.

Once the machine was perfected, the Mark III Travel Machines were renamed by Davros as the Daleks.

During the Time War Edit

During the Time War, the Daleks advanced their casings. The Mark III Travel Machines are now powered by Background Radiation and are protected by the vacuum of space and a shield that is capable of melting bullets before they could hit the Dalek.

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