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Lythion is the home planet of the Great Tyrant who tried to destroy Barbarella.

The Name Edit

In the 1968 movie "Barbarella", the planet is not called Lythion.

"Planet 16 in the system Tau Ceti. Air density 0.051. Cool weather with the possibility of stormy precipitations. Analysis of the atmosphere: terrestial with a mild excess of oxygen. I count 600324 molecules per cubic millimeter"

- Alphy, on board the ship Alpha 7

Locations Edit

Barbarella's ship meets with an magnetic storm and crashes on the surface of Lythion. The planet has a yellow sky and a cloudy atmosphere.


Iceland Forests of Weir:An ice forest full of damaged ships that covers the planet.

Sogo, City of Night:The home of the Great Tyrant, and dedicated to evil in every form.

The Labyrinth:A giant maze next to Sogo; all that is not evil is exiled to the Labyrinth.

Species Edit

Barbarella encountered many strange and bizarre forms of life when she traveled to Sogo.

Animals Edit

Blue Rabbits: dark blue rabbits that play in the snow of the planet's surface.

Stingrays: leathered stingrays with bright blue eyes and horns; used as draft horses to pull skies.

Birds: parakeets that bite and peck at Barbarella, killing her.

Plants Edit

Orchids: pink flowers grown in the Labyrinth, eaten by the creatures of the Labyrinth.

Races Edit

Humans: life forms that are most famed for being from the planet Earth.

Leather Men: human-like warriors without fleshy substance; all Black Guards are Leather Men.

Ship's Computer: large computer used to navigate and solve problems on a spaceship.

The Magmous: living energy comprised of pure evil; The Magmous resided underneath Sogo.

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