Luna (simply called "'the 'moon" by people living on Earth) is the sole natural satellite of Earth.

History Edit

2001: A Space OdysseyEdit

In the year 2001, the first Monolith discovered by Humanity was discovered on the surface of the moon. The Lunar colonies were established in the later half of the 21st century.

A Trip to the MoonEdit

A group of Human scientists from The Gun Club invented a type of giant gun that would fire a projectile to the moon. The bullet was hollowed and made into a spacecraft, and launched to the moon in 1902. This was the first Human landing on Luna. Its small crew of scientists crash-landed on the moon and explored its surface, only to encounter the Selenites and come into conflict with them. However, they were able to kill the Selenite king and escape.

Power RangersEdit

Rita Repulsa and her gang, longtime enemies of the Power Rangers, were imprisoned in a dumpster on the moon for 10,000 years before Humans were able to explore it.

A later human space mission in 1993 discovered the dumpster containing Rita Repulsa and accidentally released her. The astronauts who released her lost their lives, and Rita set up a fortress on the moon. This served as her base of operations, from which she would launch attacks against the Earth.

The Machine Empire would later occupy Rita's base on the moon; they used the base to attack the earth as well.




The Selenites.

The Selenites are native to the moon. They are an insect-like, humanoid species with a moderately advanced civilization. They're ruled by a monarchy.

They were hostile to humans upon first contact, but the Human explorers were able to kill their king.

Additionally, The Man in the Moon is a massive presence in the moon, sometimes visible all the way from the earth.

Humans, and other Alien settlersEdit

Politics Edit

Star TrekEdit

Luna falls under the protection of the United Federation of Planets as a major human colony. There were over 50 million people living on the moon in the 24th century.

It was also the launching site of the Terra Prime movement in the 22nd century.

Geography Edit

Luna is about a quarter the size of Earth and is tidally locked with one side always facing the Earth.

In the 24th century the moon has a lake known as Lake Armstrong, that is visible from Earth.

Locations Edit

Moonbase Comm Tower

The comm tower for the Moonbase in Destiny.

From its name and the fact that Vulcan has no moons, it's possible that the Vulcanis Lunar Colony is located on the moon.
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