Lieutenant is a military rank used by many races and cultures. In some rank structures it may be split into two ranks, First lieutenant and Second lieutenant.

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Enlisted ranks Commissioned ranks Flag ranks

Andorian Lt Cdr Cpt Gen

Klingon Bekk Ldr QD Ens Lt Cdr Capt/Col Brig MGen Adm/Gen

Romulan Uhlan Dec Sub Lt Lt Ant Cent Cent SCdr Cdr Cdr Gen Gen
Tal Shiar Maj Col Adm
Starfleet Crew PO CPO Ens Lt, jg Lt LtCdr Cdr Capt




RAdm VAdm Adm


Earth SF Lt Cdr

USN Crew PO CPO Ens LT, jg LT LCmdr Cdr Cpt Radml/CD Radm Vadm Adm

Vulcan SLt Lt Maj SCdr Cpt Subaltern Min Admin

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